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Owl rescued in Coquitlam
Updated On: Nov 311, 2012



Coquitlam firefighters, city staff and a city councillor came to the rescue of a barred owl Thursday, after it was spotted trapped in a tree outside City Hall.

The owl was entangled in fishing line 50 to 60 feet up a tree, and was being harassed by crows, according to a press release from the Wildlife Rescue Association.

Realizing the bird couldn't escape, city staff called out the fire department, which showed up with a ladder truck.

Using a towel, a firefighter bundled the owl into a box and handed it to Coun. Mae Reid, who drove it to the Wildlife Rescue Association's care centre at Burnaby Lake.

The fishing line was wrapped around the owl's body, leaving it unable to fly and vulnerable to attack.

The owl lost a few feathers on its left wing due to the entanglement, and also suffered a cut on its right wing.

"Thanks to the quick thinking and compassion of everyone involved, this barred owl was saved before any permanent damage was done," said Linda Bakker, team leader of wildlife rehabilitation for the Wildlife Rescue Association.

"If it had been left to fend for itself, its wound could have become infected and its long-term chances of survival would be slim without access to food or water. We are very happy to report that the owl is recovering well from the ordeal."

The Wildlife Rescue Association is reminding anglers to dispose of fishing line carefully as it can be lethal to wildlife.

Staff at the wildlife centre expect to release the owl sometime in the next week.

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